Open letter to the Circlemakers
(aka Team Satan)



This is an open letter to a group of artists known as the Circlemakers (John Lundberg, Rob Irving, Rod Dickinson and Will Russell; http://www.circlemakers.org), the most well known, prolific and media supported crop circles making group in the UK and in the world.

We are calling on the Circlemakers to come forward and accept this offer to make a crop circle everybody wants to see. For those who've been living in a cave, the crop circle in question is the Milk Hill formation that hit the deck in the night of 12. of August 2001, has become known as "The Galaxy" or simply "409" and has been a desired object of the Crop Circle Challenge project for almost a year now. Please note that this is not a challenge yet - this is a simple and very kind invitation to participate in the event that could prove lucrative and rewarding for the participants in question if they could stand up and deliver.

So please forget all the previous "terms and conditions" - we are starting anew. We are offering you free access to the field we have chosen, we cover all the costs if you succeed or fail plus we offer you a reward of up to £100,000 as previously stated. The difference between now and then is that we don't make any rules - you are free to make them yourself. Do it however and whenever you want to do it, with as many people and hours as you want. The only thing we will insist on will be the closeness of the replica to the Galaxy and the ability to actually achieve that and this will have to be agreed upon before the field event.

Why this U-turn from our previous course? It is due to several hints that the original challenge and the field might be thrashed, one coming from Will Russell from Circlemakers group itself. The organization of the Challenge only would cost us over £10.000 and if sabotaged, it is too much of a risk. Rob Irving from Circlemakers also hinted they were not interested in the previous proposition anyway, but they just might be if approached in a more respectful way. Let's hope this is respectful enough. We are open for constructive suggestions.

This is a limited offer and it is for the Circlemakers group only. We know that John Lundberg from Circlemakers stated in the past that they haven't had made the Galaxy. Very well. People don't necessary believe them. That statement doesn't mean anything, they could have been prosecuted if they had admitted it. They have made many formations many times legally before and after and have had a good support from the media and appraisal from the public. And they have stated time and time again, in the media and in the public, that they can make any crop formation if given a field and the money. Well, people don't necessary believe that either. The big question is: will the media continue to believe...?

This offer is valid for a month and will expire on the 31. of May 2013. If there is no reply from Circlemakers by then, other groups will be asked to participate, the difference being others would have to cover the costs if they fail.


TCCC group, 29. of April, 2013 (admin@cropcirclechallenge.co.uk)


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