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Big Tricks
People usually contact us when they are looking for something big. So we were not surprised when we received a call asking if we would be interested in helping put together the largest card trick in the world for a Channel 5 magic series called "The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe Ever!". They wanted us to create a crop circle in the shape of a "3 of Clubs" playing card to be the centre piece of the trick.
So at the beginning of August we turned up at a secret location in Southern England and created the worlds largest playing card, measuring 90ft x 70ft. Which is actually pretty modest compared to many of the crop circles we've been asked to create in the past!
The trick was performed by "Tufty" aka Pete Firman one of the "Monkey Magic" crew and comprised of an unsuspecting member of the public, a picnic basket full of packs of cards, a helicopter and our crop circle! The crop circle was used to generate one of the most spectacular "Is that your card" moments ever seen on tv!
Card Trick
Above: Pete sets the trick up during a picnic.
The Card
Above: "Show the camera your card".
The Crop Circle
Above: "Is that your card!"
Above: One of many construction diagrams
Photos: Channel 5 / Objective Productions.
Exhibit AHTV Formation