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Signs Movie

Crop circles finally make it to the big screen courtesy of M Night Shyamalan the writer/director of blockbusters The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

Circles Birthplace

Circlemaker Doug Bower has always stated that he took his inspiration for the crop circles he created from reading about the "Tully Saucer Nest". Frances Whiting's article explores case and others in the Tully region of Australia.

X marks the spot (2)

UK TV viewers may have noticed this advertising campaign by digital cable channel SKY+ that features a crop circle.

Electric Vendetta

UK TV channel ITV broadcast a feature length episode of the series Midsomer Murders that revolved around the crop circle phenomenon, find out more.

X Marks the Spot

What do the Halifax bank and crop circles have to do with each other?

Rand in Circles

Paul Fuller uncovers a crop circle report from 1880, no it wasn't us!

Moon Phase

Venturing into the fields after dark? You might find it handy to know which phase the moon is in before you set out.


Planning a trip into crop circle territory? Might be handy to know what the weather's like before you set off.

World wide wierd

Constantly updated news-feed of the top twenty weirdest stories from around the world.

Colin Bennett takes a sardonic look at our practice. With a nod to Jorge Luis Borges and the situationists.

Ever Decreasing Circles

Fortean Times contributing editor Mark Pilkington takes a snapshot of last years crop circle scene centering around the Alton Barnes 'crop circle fun weekend'.


Art critic John Roberts' rigorous analysis of the work of Rod Dickinson, written to accompany the exhibition 'Half-Lit World' at Camerawork Gallery London.


Hear a crop circle being made and the reaction to our work with these twenty five RealAudio clips.

The Circlemaker

"The Circlemaker" Developed by our technician at Los-Alamos research laboratories will allow you to create crop circles from the comfort of your own home... honest.

Blackwatch Letters

Circlemaking can sometimes be a risky business. Here we present some examples of the hate mail many circlemakers have received.


Rod Dickinson's chart maps out the evoluition and distribution of crop circle designs in recent years.


What are people saying about the circlemakers? Quotes form various sources that caught our eye.

Wot no wheat?

The circlemakers recently visited Warminster in Wiltshire, but didn't leave their mark in the wheat...


Here we showcase that 'other' group of individuals who spend their time running around wheat fields with tape-measures - the crop circle 'researchers'.