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Olympian effort

We received a call from the top selling UK tabloid newspaper The Sun which has a daily readership of 8.5 million people. They wanted to put together a PR stunt to help raise the profile of their campaign to have the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, so we agreed to make the Olympic logo crop circle which consists of 5 interlocking rings in a field in Wiltshire for them.
Olympic crop circle

Above: The Olympic logo crop circle we created for The Sun.
The call came in on a Wednesday, and we were able to put together a crew, find a location and complete all of the construction diagrams the same day so we could go and create the crop circle the very next day for them, being a tabloid newspaper they're used to working with very tight deadlines, so we had to as well!
We found a great barley field at Cherhill in Wiltshire to create the 200ft diameter formation in, and it took a team of 4 circlemakers a sedate 5 hours to create. Although the design looks fairly simple, surveying the rings so that they interlocked rather than just overlapped took some planning.
The Sun

Above: Our work makes the front cover of the The Sun newspaper and gets seen by 8.5 million readers!
On the way back to London we received a call from the Harry the journalist who commissioned us to create the crop circle and he told us that they thought the photos of the formation were so spectacular that they were going to run the story on the front page, and that's exactly what they did! So the next day our crop circle was front page news, as well as over 1 and a half pages inside.
The Sun
The story was picked up by several other news media on Friday and coverage we're aware of included BBC News 24, BBC1 Breakfast, Talk Sport radio and the Daily Star newspaper.
Photos: The Sun.
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