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Pair Shaped

We've been breaking out the champagne and cigars here at circlemakers.org as we've closed a sponsorship deal with those very nice people over at pair.com. Interest in the crop circle phenomenon is at an all time high primarily because of all the publicity being generated by the Mel Gibson movie "Signs" which is currently at the top of the US box office. Consequently traffic to our site has gone through the roof and we've become victims of our own success. Pair.com have come to the rescue!
As part of a sponsorship deal pair.com have moved the site over to it's very own dedicated server and have given us a healthy amount of bandwidth to play with. In return for their generosity and support the least we could do was to make them their very own crop circle! And that's exactly what we did at Yatesbury in Wiltshire on Saturday 24th August. The design was a collaboration between pair.com and ourselves and is based on their logo. No reports of people being healed in the formation yet, but I'm sure they're on their way!
pair circle
stomping pair
stomping pair
stomping pair
pair formation

Photos: John Lundberg

Above images include: The scale diagram we worked from. Circlemakers Rod Dickinson and Wil Russell creating the pair.com formation, John Lundberg was behind the camera. After just a few hours of surveying and stomping the formation was complete!

Exhibit AHTV Formation