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It's just like being there!
Ned Pamphilon's RealAudio clips take you backstage with the 'circlemakers'.

Initial field recon.1 min 14 sec14.4
Second field recon.1 min 24 sec14.4
Provisions - First (aborted) attempt1 min 41 sec14.4
Plan B!0 min 48 sec14.4
The drop off - We're in the field!1 min 26 sec14.4
The formation begins - Round in circles2 min 16 sec14.4
The rustle of wheat0 min 49 sec14.4
Ten past three in the morning1 min 13 sec14.4
We're out of here0 min 50 sec14.4
Flashes of light1 min 23 sec14.4

Download all ten in one file13 min 20 sec14.4

Ned accompanied us on a second trip in to Wiltshire to meet up with a BBC TV crew and to visit some of the crop circles formations.

'The Circlemakers' experience anomalies0 min 35 sec14.4
John Lundberg chats to the cameraman1 min 05 sec14.4

BBC interview with Rod Dickinson:
Why do you make crop circles?0 min 32 sec14.4
Do you believe that all crop circles are man-made?0 min 57 sec14.4
Do you have any sympathy for the farmers?0 min 28 sec14.4
How do you feel about The hoax/genuine debate?0 min 33 sec14.4
Is the government interested in crop circles?0 min 21 sec14.4

Download all seven in one file04 min 37 sec14.4

And finally we visit Alton Barnes and Avebury to talk to some of the crop circle enthusiasts and 'researchers'.

'New age traveller type' Mark on the 'eye' crop circle2 min 00 sec14.4
The circles 'healed' Marks van!1 min 07 sec14.4
Balls of light and military helicopters1 min 34 sec14.4
A couple of 'researchers' in the Avebury Web formation1 min 32 sec14.4
Their 'UFO' sightings...1 min 15 sec14.4
What are they doing in the formation?1 min 01 sec14.4
Do they think crop circles are man made?0 min 38 sec14.4
Ned sums it up and reveals who made the Web formation!1 min 17 sec14.4

Download all eight in one file10 min 34 sec14.4