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Documenting the most ambitious and original designs of the 99 season

[ Image courtesy Peter Sorensen ]

West Overton, Wiltshire

This formation in Wheat was discovered at West Overton, Wiltshire on 24th June 1999. It's an obvious twin to the earlier 'Sierpiniski Gasket' fractal formation found at Chibolton Observatory in Hampshire - see below. The formation is approximately 350ft long and consists of ten 40ft hexagons, eight 90ft triangles and 116 8ft circles. A real jaw dropper.

[ Image courtesy Steve Alexander ]

Chibolton, Hampshire

This formation in Barley was discovered at Chibolton, Hampshire on 13 June 1999. It's situated next to the 'Chiboton Observatory' a huge radio telescope owned by the M.O.D. The formation is approximately 350ft long and consists of 146 10ft circles creating two back to back 'Sierpiniski Gasket' fractals, made up of equilateral triangle. Rob Speight who discovered the formation had this to say about it "This formation is amazing, the young barley, has been swirled down into these circles at some points with what would appear to be a very fast swirling motion due to the tight twisting of some of the standing crop." You can find some great ground shots of the formation on his website "thenoiseroom".

[ Image courtesy Peter Sorensen ]

East Field This monster formation in Barley was discovered at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire on 12 June 1999 in the famed East Field. It's 1024ft long and the design is a throw back to formations of the early 1990's but on a much larger scale than anything that appeared back then. The vintage design elements include keys, boxes, a celtic cross, chains of circles, arcs, rings and antenna. Another smaller formation also appeared in the same field close to this formation on the same night.

[ Image courtesy Peter Sorensen ]

Barbury Castle

This formation in Barley was discovered at Barbury Castle, Wiltshire on 31 May 1999. It's approximately 280ft wide and consists of eleven circles joined by three 180 degree arcs, two lines and two partial crescents that depict a Menorah. This formation is locate near the field that in 1997 was host to a cabalistic 'tree of life' formation in Oil Seed Rape that is a close cousin in both design and subject matter.
The formation has been well received by the main stream media gaining a double page spread in the Evening Standard soon after it appeared and making it to the cover of the Jewish Chronicle!

[ Image courtesy J.J. Evendon The Cereologist ]

Gravesend Kent

This formation in immature Oil Seed Rape was discovered at Gravesend, Kent on 11 April 1999. It's approximately 150ft in diameter and consists of twenty four overlapping circles and rings. The formation is one of the most complex crop circle formations to appear in Oil Seed Rape and is reminiscent is style of the 1997 Barbury Castle formation which also appeared in Oil Seed Rape.

Exhibit AGravesend, Kent, 1999